Thursday, June 2, 2011

Disney is my life

So yeah, been awhile since I wrote anything. Not too much went on while I was gone. I was slightly boring. Anyway...we just got back from Walt Disney World. Oh Yeah, it is my life. We love it, we go at least once a year. It is a must. The boys love it too.

Jack was tall enough, actually 42" to get on some more of the big thrill rides such as Tower of Terror & Dinosaur. That boy makes me proud, I hate it when someone says that their child won't do it because they are scared, well how do they know? Let the try it. Jack's new experiences this trip consisted of Tower of Terror, Star Tours (went on 7 times), Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids, Test Track, & Soarin'. He loved them all. Have the pictures to prove it.

Christian kept telling us he was bigger, but we kept him pretty occupied while Jack enjoyed more of the bigger rides. He was happy and can be and "hopefully" will be tall enough next year, he is right on track where Jack was last year.

We spent 10 awesome days there and I have to say, we could have used a drink every now and then, but overall, given the circumstances of no naps and going opening to close most days, the boys were a blast.

They had some amazing Character interactions, that is for sure, my favorite by far is the boys with Snow White.

PICTURES WILL FOLLOW, hopefully tomorrow.

I want to keep this blog alive as well, because we are going to be having a very very busy summer!!

starting with this weekend. My Half-marathon. ahh.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Brickners are ALIVE...

I mean the pictures are LIVE!
OMG...Jen did the most amazing job ever. I couldn't believe it. I can't choose. Help!!

The Brickner Family

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rain and Shine...

What a wonderful weekend!

We had family pictures this weekend with the beautiful and talented Jennifer Sexton. I love when she comes to visit, not only does she take amazing pictures, but we get to drive around and go back in time to our college days. We had a blast going to our old party houses, and checking out where we used to live and best of all stalking our old dorms. OMG. If I was any kind of parent, not on God's green earth would I let my kids live in these places. horrible...But wonderful all at the same time. Some of my best memories are from that time as well as my best friends! It was fun.

So looking at pictures online...I was hoping it would rain for our pictures. There are some pretty awesome and amazing things you can do. And we did them...and got the best of both worlds...Rain & Shine. The boys had a great time as well because later on in the shoot we got to put their puddle boots and on and let them go crazy. And they did. cold and wet and they were in heaven!

Hopefully I can get some posted tomorrow! I am so excited.

Thank You Jen!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The TALK....

This one is going to be short & sweet, well not sweet...definitley not sweet, but slightly funny enough that I want to blog about it. What kind of sick and twisted mother am I?

I got Jack's daily note at daycare handed to me.

Had a great time at the pumpkin patch, picked ou the best pumpkin around. Jack was caught drinking out of the toilet and telling his friends to try it too. Mom and Dad please talk to him about the the importance of NOT doing that. We did have a talk with everyone about it today.

so we had "the talk" with Jack. never thought I would have to have "that talk"

I asked him why he did it, he said his teacher told him too. interesting.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good News...

I am going to start out with some really really good news!


It is a amazing. The power of prayer works. Miracles do Happen!
Thank you so much to everyone who was thinking of her!

and some other good news!
Adam and I are finally having a get away. Just the 2 of us. Of course I have to convince myself this is good because I will miss my boys so much. We are heading up to the Minneapolis for a friend's wedding. We are starting out at the Mall of America. I am dying to hit up the Disney Store. Then Checking into our hotel, the Grand Hotel, where the wedding also is so guess who is getting her drink on....ha ha. Then Adam is taking me on a date to my favorite restaurant...Joe's Crab Shack.

I love Joe's Crab all started on our annual Thanksgiving roadtrips. We headed down to Kansas City and were we went to this place that had a lot of Christmas Lights and it was very cool. So we go in and we sit at a picnic table inside. I am loving this place already, we look around...see a couple of priest sitting in a booth drinking some beer...loving this place even more. I of course get Crab Legs...Adam does have a wonderful picture of me with my bib on. I might have to find that, this was pre-digital so it will have to be scannned.  Pretty cute.

We don't have Joe's Crab Shack in our area. So when I get to be close to one...guess where I am going!!

The boys are going to be with Grandma & Grandpa for the weekend. They are going to have a blast. They love being out at the farm. Can I call it a farm? I mean we had to burn the barn down after a tornado shifted it, so there is no barn, and we had horses. We don't have horses anymore. It is in the country and we have a big pond and pole shed, and some cats. Close enough for a farm for me! and no internet...that is a sign right there.

The good with the comes and goes

here is my bad.
Jackism & Christianism of the Day

Mommy singing in the car.

Christian: (while pointing at me shaking his finger) No Sing Mommy
Jack: (while hanging his head down and lower lip out) That makes me sad.
Mommy: My singing makes you sad?
Jack: yes, it makes me sad
Adam: (pretty sure he is hyperventilating from launging so hard)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


My heart is breaking. But I remain optimistic. My thoughts and prayers are flowing out of me so fast, I can barely think. This little girl is very special. And she needs everyone's support along with her family. Lacey is a friend, I have never met her but I know her better than most of my IRL friends. I am part of a very strong Mom's board and we are all members, we are all moms, we are all FAMILY. Please pray and pray and pray!

If you want to know a little more about baby Aubrey, you can check out this video and visit her caringbridge site!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I told you I would post some pictures. So these are not exactly the ones I was talking about, but they will definitely do.

Every year now, we take the boys to JCP and take advantage of the $7.99 portrait session. I only need one good pose. I treat these like their "school pictures". So they go in a typical 8 x 10 frame on my photo wall. Then get surrounded by beautiful profession photography that my wonderful friend Jen (Jen from Jen & Brett's wedding), takes for me because she really is so so so much better.

But like I said...I only need one good pose. Luckily...I got a couple.
Here are some of Jack's 3yr pictures and Christian's 2yr pictures.