Thursday, June 2, 2011

Disney is my life

So yeah, been awhile since I wrote anything. Not too much went on while I was gone. I was slightly boring. Anyway...we just got back from Walt Disney World. Oh Yeah, it is my life. We love it, we go at least once a year. It is a must. The boys love it too.

Jack was tall enough, actually 42" to get on some more of the big thrill rides such as Tower of Terror & Dinosaur. That boy makes me proud, I hate it when someone says that their child won't do it because they are scared, well how do they know? Let the try it. Jack's new experiences this trip consisted of Tower of Terror, Star Tours (went on 7 times), Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids, Test Track, & Soarin'. He loved them all. Have the pictures to prove it.

Christian kept telling us he was bigger, but we kept him pretty occupied while Jack enjoyed more of the bigger rides. He was happy and can be and "hopefully" will be tall enough next year, he is right on track where Jack was last year.

We spent 10 awesome days there and I have to say, we could have used a drink every now and then, but overall, given the circumstances of no naps and going opening to close most days, the boys were a blast.

They had some amazing Character interactions, that is for sure, my favorite by far is the boys with Snow White.

PICTURES WILL FOLLOW, hopefully tomorrow.

I want to keep this blog alive as well, because we are going to be having a very very busy summer!!

starting with this weekend. My Half-marathon. ahh.

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