Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good News...

I am going to start out with some really really good news!


It is a amazing. The power of prayer works. Miracles do Happen!
Thank you so much to everyone who was thinking of her!

and some other good news!
Adam and I are finally having a get away. Just the 2 of us. Of course I have to convince myself this is good because I will miss my boys so much. We are heading up to the Minneapolis for a friend's wedding. We are starting out at the Mall of America. I am dying to hit up the Disney Store. Then Checking into our hotel, the Grand Hotel, where the wedding also is so guess who is getting her drink on....ha ha. Then Adam is taking me on a date to my favorite restaurant...Joe's Crab Shack.

I love Joe's Crab all started on our annual Thanksgiving roadtrips. We headed down to Kansas City and were we went to this place that had a lot of Christmas Lights and it was very cool. So we go in and we sit at a picnic table inside. I am loving this place already, we look around...see a couple of priest sitting in a booth drinking some beer...loving this place even more. I of course get Crab Legs...Adam does have a wonderful picture of me with my bib on. I might have to find that, this was pre-digital so it will have to be scannned.  Pretty cute.

We don't have Joe's Crab Shack in our area. So when I get to be close to one...guess where I am going!!

The boys are going to be with Grandma & Grandpa for the weekend. They are going to have a blast. They love being out at the farm. Can I call it a farm? I mean we had to burn the barn down after a tornado shifted it, so there is no barn, and we had horses. We don't have horses anymore. It is in the country and we have a big pond and pole shed, and some cats. Close enough for a farm for me! and no internet...that is a sign right there.

The good with the comes and goes

here is my bad.
Jackism & Christianism of the Day

Mommy singing in the car.

Christian: (while pointing at me shaking his finger) No Sing Mommy
Jack: (while hanging his head down and lower lip out) That makes me sad.
Mommy: My singing makes you sad?
Jack: yes, it makes me sad
Adam: (pretty sure he is hyperventilating from launging so hard)

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