Monday, October 25, 2010

Rain and Shine...

What a wonderful weekend!

We had family pictures this weekend with the beautiful and talented Jennifer Sexton. I love when she comes to visit, not only does she take amazing pictures, but we get to drive around and go back in time to our college days. We had a blast going to our old party houses, and checking out where we used to live and best of all stalking our old dorms. OMG. If I was any kind of parent, not on God's green earth would I let my kids live in these places. horrible...But wonderful all at the same time. Some of my best memories are from that time as well as my best friends! It was fun.

So looking at pictures online...I was hoping it would rain for our pictures. There are some pretty awesome and amazing things you can do. And we did them...and got the best of both worlds...Rain & Shine. The boys had a great time as well because later on in the shoot we got to put their puddle boots and on and let them go crazy. And they did. cold and wet and they were in heaven!

Hopefully I can get some posted tomorrow! I am so excited.

Thank You Jen!

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