Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Circus is coming to town...

We are having Jack & Christian's birthday party this weekend.

So Adam and I had the pleasure of eachothers company while we had the goal of finishing the garage. We drywalled...mudded...primed. We did the priming last night. We did get more paint on the walls than ourselves but lets just say...we have big walls. There was a lot of paint on us. We are not professional. I mean I paint, but I oil paint, on little canvas. So me and a roller don't mix too well. But I did good. (picking paint off of my hands, hair, neck...omg how did I get paint there). So project 1...GARAGE...almost done as we only did 2 walls...he he.

We are doing a joint party this year because they are so close we felt guilty having to make people travel 2 weekends. So we are just doing one. We are doing a Circus Train Theme. I designed the invites, where I hope everyone noticed, looked like Circus Tickets. They are super cute.

I am making a circus train cake, most of it. My boss is a wonderful cake baker and since I designed her daughters Save the Dates for her wedding, I asked if she could help with the cake, she was excited because she loves my kids. She is doing the Locomotive part. I am going to attempt to do the other 3. It should be interesting as I do cupcakes...not cake. So Thursday is going to be my official "Baking" day, apparently I am not allowed to watch the cakes so I will probably end up doing some cleaning or something...YAY!

Tonight my parents are coming down to help out with this little project I asked them to build. Yep, you heard that right, I asked them to build something. ha ha, it is going to be awesome. So it is a giant Circus Train Car Wild Animal Cage. They have one similar at Walt Disney World. So I found a picture, asked my dad if he could turn into Handy Manny for a bit and build this, I just need the front panel because I am using it as a fun photo-op thing where the kids can get their pictures taken. well turns out he went all Mike Holmes on me and built the whole cage and all 3-d. He is pretty proud of it and doesn't shy away when it comes to the grandkids. They are coming down tonight to help me paint. It is going to be so cool, this is one of the things I am excited about. What will I do with it when I am done...not a friggin' clue but I know it can't stay at my house...lack of room we have. Maybe I can rent it out?

We also bought a bounce house for the boys. We bought it as a present for them. It was the highlight of Jack's day. We came home from the hospital when Jack had his casts removed, picked Christian up from daycare and said we have a surprise. They were in heaven. So I think the kids at the party will definitely enjoy that. Just pray that the rain stays away!

Cotton Candy & Popcorn & Pizza & Ice Cream anyone?

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