Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No Regrets...

I am not sad. I don't meant to sound like my life is less than it is because, 100% it is not. I love my life, my life is perfect. But I can't put myself up so high because the only place to go is down. So I keep myself that point where I can go up and I can go down. Sometimes I cry for a reason...good and bad. I cry because I find out who my friends are, I cry because the boys run and give me hugs, I cry because SPOILER ALERT...Andy gave Woody and the rest of his toys to Bonnie. I cry because I figure I get enough water out of me, I could drop another pound. Point is I am a very emotional person. I do take things personal even if they are not meant to be. I could be a great actress because I can cry at the drop of a dime. But the majority of the time...I am laughing and smiling and loving everything about my life.

I probably started this blog on a downer. oops. But well now I can go up and go down again and up, who likes to hear about everything happy all the time, because you know that everything is not happy all the time.

I have no regrets for anything that has gone on in my life. I do regret not meeting my husband sooner. Adam is the absolute love of my life and always will be. He really does "complete" me. My boys are the best little things that have ever happened to me. I have never loved anyone so much in my whole do you love someone that much and share the just do. I can't wait to have more children, I would lie if I said I wouldn't love to have a little girl, I would but my husband doesn't make girls...damn you Maury Povich (that was a joke).

I will say...I miss Florida. My mom is going to hate reading that and will probably be on the phone calling me asking me what the heck...but who knows. We just refinaced mom, we will be in our house a long long time, quit worrying. I love love my house, love love my neighborhood. I couldn't move even if we wanted to. Moving to Florida was one the best experiences ever. But it was hard not having family around, of course a few months after moving back and having a Wisconsin Winter again...yeah that kind of sucked but having family over on Christmas instead of opening presents over the phone...PRICELESS.

I just a very dear friend of mine ask me: "What are 3 things that you know you should be doing in your life to create that lasting happiness but are not currently doing. And why, why, why? Start today Katie and make it a continual habit- 21 days and it will be molded into your inner being." I don't know how to answer that. I think that is a good thing though.

Can you answer that?

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  1. Is there ever a definite answer to things to do that your not doing to have pure is a cycle! live in the moment and those 3 things you aren't doing now is to simply make awareness (as you are in your blog) and to keep moving forward to make those things happen..then it may cycle back around and new things may happen..but atleast you are moving forward!