Friday, September 17, 2010


Well I say nothing lightly. The weekend is finally here and we have nothing going on, we don't have to go anywhere, no plans. See that is where it does get a bit sketchy. I have plans...I have a million things I am making my family and I do this weekend, but I am still calling it doing nothing.

Don't you love waking up and knowing you don't have to be anywhere? I do...only to a certain point, I love having something to do. But this doing something is something that if we change our minds...that is ok.

So my weekend Nothing-To-Do list consists of:

~ digging up my iris' and sharing with the neighbors. I could probably share with the whole town I have that many...they got huge!

~ heading to Menards to pick out my fence for my corner garden. Now that we got rid of the giant mound of dirt, figure this would be a great time to start the garden...well at least getting bushes and bulbs planted

~ offical hair weekend - I am coloring my hair...I love coloring my hair...and all the boys are getting hair cuts. I have decide to cut off Christian's beautiful gorgeous flowing hair. It is so unruley and he doesn't let me comb it and he wakes up looking like he stuck his finger in a light socket and it manages to stay that way all day...with help of mashed potatoes I have found out. I will save it because he is going short, the boys are going to look adorable!

~grocery shopping because what I did last week...I will never do without a list. I found myself at the grocery store everyday, not kidding, I even went to the same check out lady, I usually do anyway, she is very nice. But everyday, there was always something I was forgetting.

~ Hobby Lobby because I need some fall decor and I love looking at Christmas stuff. Jack & Christian insist on looking at the Toy Soldiers. Did I mention I need some more fall decor...oh yes!

~Baking Pumpkin Bar per Adam's request...I love baking on weekends, I printed out a bunch of recipes and made him pick one. Did you know tehre is a national shortage of pumpkin? So I couldn't get my normal can of pumpkin. Only organic available, which is fine but was $3 for a small can. I did proceed to buy 4 cans though, just incase they run out of that too. I need my pumpkin for the fall

~ Watching movies. There are a ton that came out on OnDemand, so all new to us!

See Nothing to do this weekend...I love it!

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