Thursday, September 9, 2010

Party Progress...Potty Progress

Grandma and Grandpa came over last night and delivered something that there are no words for. The Circus Train car I ask to be built. Well I asked for just this front panel and well they went above and beyond. It is AMAZING!! I was blown away. They are the absolute best. So after the kids went to bed, we painted, in bright colors of red, orange, yellow and blue and aqua. I opened up the garage door this morning and was still just blown away. I have the luckiest little boys ever!!

Tonight is the official cake baking night. Carrot cake with cream cheese center, marble with milk chocolate center, and german chocolate with coconut pecan center...OMG...YUMMY!! we will see how it turns out...good I hope as decorating them I am doing on Friday.

I can't believe how fast this party is coming up, it is so exciting! I already have a plan for next year so we will see!

Jack had school this morning, and every morning he goes potty at school before we go in his classroom. Well this morning was a bit different. He refused to go in the girls room. Might sound strange but he just turned 3 so he goes in with me and I help him out. well not today...downright refused..."Mommy, I will only go in the boys room"...but honey mommy can't go in the boys room, "no mommy I will only go in the boys room...because I am a boy"

Smart we went in the boys room, I told his teacher and she just said stand outside the stall door and it should be fine. So we checked it out, no boys in there, went in..."Mommy...I did it!"

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